Artofin is glad to announce our investment in Juganu

The first investment as a fund is an important milestone.

Juganu’s proven technology capabilities and the great team contributed to our decision, but it’s not all story. 

We believe that Juagnu will be the next big thing. 

Our cities are home to more than half of the world’s population, and most of the world’s energy consumption comes from cities. Moreover, cities worldwide are expected to add another 2.5 billion new residents by 2050, mostly in Asia. 

The recent energy crisis proves that countries, companies, and individuals will bear enormous economic and environmental difficulties without rising to the challenge. 

Innovative and sustainable energy solutions are the key to a better future.

Juganu digitizes public spaces and provides lighting, applications, and fiber-free access at a fraction of the cost. The company built a unified platform with AI applications to run a safer, cleaner city while saving significant energy. 

Artofin’s extensive connections in Asia are already opening the doors for new commercial opportunities for Juganu. 

Why ArtofIn invested in Juganu?

  • Unique technology advanced and deep technology is the core of the company and a massive barrier for competitors. 
  • Strategic partnerships with big companies such as NCR and Qualcomm. After years of investigations and investment in R&D, those companies concluded that Juganu technology is superior. Therefore it makes more sense to work with Jugano than to develop something in the house that might consume a lot of time and resources. 
  • Trusted by leading Venture Capital Firms: The company is backed by some well-known VCs). To date, the company raised over 85M USD. 
  • Big populations, fast growth in Asia Juganu technology is perfect for developing countries characterized by a big and dense population, rapid growth, and a growing middle class. 
  • Jugano TAM (Total addressable market) is endless. Juganu has something to offer to almost any retailer and any city around the globe.  
  • Defensibility  Juganu is both a software and a hardware company. While software can be replaced relatively easily(sometimes), changing all the hardware after installation is very hard. In short, the combination of hardware& software gives Juganu defensibility against the competition.
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