Vote of Confidence 

Who are Artofin current LPs?

Artofin’s current limited partners are publicly listed Asian companies spanning diverse industries such as finance, retail, media, real estate, and chemicals, all recognized as leaders in their sectors. 

Their investment in Artofin followed a rigorous due diligence process and was influenced by our competitive advantages.

These include a robust track record, the reputation of our management team, professionalism, and a shared understanding that our investment methodology will deliver excellent financial returns.

Maximizing the ROI while offering strategic assets

Focusing on ROI while offering strategic assets to bolster LPs business activities


Regular communication is a cornerstone of our approach, where we keep our LPs informed about our ongoing activities and future plans. 

Furthermore, we share specific information and data tailored to our LP’s specific interests. 

Serving our LPs

Beyond ensuring a high-yield return on investments, our objective is to deliver added value by identifying cutting-edge technologies aligned with the specific needs of our LPs. 

This approach establishes a mutually beneficial scenario, empowering both the target company and our strategic LPs to leverage the technology to enhance their business activities.

Direct Investment
of the LPs

We extend the opportunity for our LPs to invest directly in the target company. 

Under this initiative, the Artofin team collaborates closely with strategic LPs throughout the investment process, covering due diligence, deal structuring, investment terms and conditions, and post-investment monitoring. 

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